Collie River Heritage Trail

 Collie River Trail -  Aboriginal Elder on Bench

Visitors to the scenic Collie River Heritage Trail in Eaton can immerse themselves in the cultural, spiritual and historic significance of the area through a series of interpretive signs installed along the 2km stretch of accessible river-front path.

In a deeply collaborative project between the Shire of Dardanup and local Aboriginal Elders, the series of six signs feature stunning original artwork by Wardandi Balardong artist Tahlia Bennell which provide a spectacular backdrop for presentation of the area’s unique stories.

The Wardandi, Pindjarup and Wilman people used this land for hunting, fishing, camping and ceremony, and to visit and pay respect to their sacred sites.

This walk trail promotes their cultural identity and history, reflecting the unique and spiritual relationship they have with the Boodjar (land) and Beelya (river). This walk trail is called Koorliny Beelya (“water going along”).

With the inclusion of QR codes, heritage trail visitors can use their smart phone to scan the codes and listen to a recording or watch a video of the stories as told by Elder Joe Northover.Or just click on the links below to watch each of the videos.

The project was designed to enhance, celebrate and preserve the area’s local Aboriginal culture through storytelling, while increasing awareness of our beautiful natural environment and encouraging physical activity.

The approximately 2km path between the Old Coast Road Bridge and Hands Avenue Lookout encourages us all into the outdoors for healthy activity.

The heritage trail in Eaton forms part of the overall Leschenault Historic Walk Trail between Australind and Eaton, linking the shires of Dardanup and Harvey – a joint project between the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, South West Development Commission, Shire of Dardanup and Shire of Harvey.

Click the below links opening a website page dedicated to each of the six heritage trail signs where you can listen to or watch the stories.

The Shire of Dardanup wishes to pay respect to the Noongar Traditional Owners and custodians of this area and beyond who lived and passed by.

We acknowledge their occupation of this land and waterways, past and present.

Heritage sign 1

Heritage sign 2

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Heritage sign 4

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Heritage Sign 6