Local Government Rangers are not trained to capture wildlife.

Phone the DBCA Wildcare Helpline on (08) 9474 9055

The Wildcare Helpline is a telephone referral service operated by volunteers on behalf of Parks and Wildlife Services (part of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions).

Fostering and Assistance for Wildlife Needing Aid (FAWNA)

FAWNA is a non-for-profit government approved wildlife and rehabilitation organisation for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. Operating in the South West of WA, it is run entirely by volunteers.

FAWNA can be contacted through the Wildcare Helpline or directly on 0438 526 660.

Dealing with Snakes and Other Reptiles

Snakes are an integral part of the natural environment and play an important part in wildlife ecosystems. In spring and summer, many reptiles emerge to bask in the sun. Please do not try to catch or kill the snake yourself. Many snake bites occur due to people attempting to catch or kill the snake themselves.

For information visit Parks and Wildlife Services Dealing with Snakes.

The following persons may be able to assist in the relocation of snakes: –

Contact Name

Contact Number


0409 110 034


0497 238 066

 Lisa Hunter

0409 880 857 (charges for fuel)

 Paul Kenyon

0439 941 004 (charges for fuel)

 Kim Grant

0417 992 492 (charges for fuel)

Rabbit and Foxes

Neither Ranger Services or Parks and Wildlife Services deal with sick or injured rabbits or foxes.

Take sick or injured rabbits or foxes to your local veterinary practice.

In Western Australia, rabbits are declared pests of agriculture under the Agriculture and Related Resources Protection Act 1976. This means landholders are required to control rabbits on their properties. Parks and Wildlife will continue to manage rabbit infestations that threaten areas of ecological significance using the most appropriate and effective management option for the situation.

For more information visit Parks and Wildlife or call 1800 900 090.


Dead kangaroos located on Shire managed roads or reserves can be reported to the Shire by phone or email as the details below. If a dead kangaroo is located on a Major Road (South West Highway, Forrest Highway, Boyanup-Picton Road) it should be reported to Main Roads WA on 13 81 38.

If you come across an injured kangaroo during office hours of 8:00pm - 4:30pm please contact Department of Parks and Wildlife on 9725 4300. 

After hours please contact the following persons who may be able to assist with injured kangaroos: -

Contact Name

Contact Number

 Kim Grant (Roo Rescue WA)

0417 992 492

 Graham (Roo Rescue WA)

0419 153 830

 Jodi (Roo Rescue WA)

0431 495 074

Other Wildlife

If you have any issues with Magpies please contact Department of Parks and Wildlife on 9725 4300.

If you find any injured wildlife such as ducks, possums, wild birds etc. please contact Department of Parks and Wildlife on 9725 4300.

If you have an issue with a hive or swarm of bees and needing removal please contact Helen Humphries on 0422 095 870.

Related Information

Ranger Contact Details

P:    08 9724 0307 (24 hours)


Ranger hours: 8am – 4.30pm Monday - Friday

Outside of office hours, your call will be diverted to a call centre operator who will pass your contact details to a Duty Ranger if necessary.

Rangers will attend to emergency after-hours matters only.