E-waste Recycling

We all have a responsibility to manage our waste better, including the rapidly growing stream of e-waste we produce. E-waste can contain hazardous materials and should be collected and recycled correctly to prevent harm to the environment and human health.

Maintaining a convenient and cost-effective e-waste drop-off service puts the Shire of Dardanup in a positive position ahead of the State Government’s commitment to banning of e-waste disposal to landfill by 2024.

E-waste items can be dropped off for recycling at the Banksia Road Transfer Station.

Drop-off of most small e-waste items (kettles, toasters) for recycling is free of charge. However large items that measure over 1m in length, width or depth will attract a $10 per item fee to assist with the cost of processing and transport for recycling.

One exception to the 1m rule is pedestal fans which often measure over 1m in height however are lightweight and will not attract a $10 fee for drop-off.

Fridges and freezers are not considered to be e-waste. These are collected separately, de-gassed and sent for recycling as scrap metal.

Matt Meijer from E-Recovery who previously provided our E-waste collection services in Eaton and Dardanup is now based at the transfer station and continues to be engaged by the Shire to assist with processing of the waste stream to maximise recycling of the materials and avoid landfill disposal.

Once processed, eligible e-waste will be transported by the Shire to Total Green in Welshpool which is the recognised National Computer and Television Recycling Scheme product stewardship provider for Western Australia.