Private Works on Roads


The Shire is responsible for the care, control and management of the road reserve within the Shire of Dardanup.  Roads and associated infrastructure contained within the road reserve belongs to the Shire.

Any works to be carried out within the road reserve that has the potential to affect or interfere with Shire infrastructure must first be approved by the Shire prior to commencing those works.

Approvals may be granted subject to conditions that must be met.

The Shire is not responsible for Main Roads WA roads, and any queries relating to these roads are to be directed to Main Roads.

Traffic management plans

The safety of motorists and pedestrians are an important aspect of works within a road environment.

Where a traffic management plan is required, the Shire requires the traffic management plan to be prepared, certified and submitted by a person holding a current traffic management qualification.

The traffic management plan must not be implemented until approval has been granted by the Shire and shall only be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the approved plan and by qualified personnel.