STEM Programs 


Shire of Dardanup Library Services has a range of programs for kids and teens to build their knowledge, learn critical thinking, and meet new friends in a fun and interactive environment.

Lego Club

Come along and join the weekly fun, explore your creativity, challenge yourself and meet new friends with Lego Club. Each week we have a different theme or challenge to get kids’ minds and hands to explore new concepts and ideas.

It’s not all about play though. Lego Club offers a lot of benefits for children and their development:

  • Help children bond: Lego Club provides the opportunity to build friendships kids wouldn’t have otherwise built and break down walls for children who are shy or have impairments.
  • Encourage teamwork: Communication and teamwork are put to the test with each new build, allowing children to work at these important skills in a fun setting.
  • Enhance learning: From lessons in design to behaviour management – there is a lot to be learned from the world’s most popular plastic bricks.
  • Teaches problem solving: Each new build must be approached with creativity and persistence and requires a skill set beyond simply following instructions.
  • Spark ideas: Let children loose on a pile of Lego bricks and watch the ideas start flooding in.

Lego Club runs every Tuesday at 3:30pm so read the Lego Club rules and come down and have a go. No bookings required.

If you would like further information on Lego Club or any of our services please contact us.


Code Club

Code Club is a nationwide network of volunteer-led coding clubs with a mission to #getkidscoding! We are aiming to give every child the skill, confidence and opportunity to shape their world.

The program is aimed at kids aged 8 – 14 years of age who advance through a series of coding languages:

  • Scratch – a simple block-coding program which allows users to build animations and games while learning the fundamentals of coding.
  • HTML/CSS – allows users to develop their understanding while building web pages and online content from the ground up.
  • Python – this highly versatile programming language allows users to use their understanding and creativity to build Apps and complete web sites.
  • Blender – coders can build 3D animations and games, creating 3D characters and developing their own movies and stories.

Code Club is project based learning, aligned with the National Digital Technologies Curriculum and provides kids with the opportunity to collaborate, create, communicate and problem solve! We celebrate our errors and embrace them as a chance to learn.

Contact us to find out when our next session will be running.