Map Information 

You can explore the Shire of Dardanup through the Interactive GIS Mapping Portal.

This state-of-the-art web mapping tool takes the sharing of information to a whole new level.

Have you just moved to the Shire? Use the portal to explore pathways, playgrounds, parks, public toilets, sporting facilities, recreation and tourist attractions. A new NEAR ME function helps find the closest facilities to you like dog exercise areas, barbecues or parks.

You can also use the portal to find out which day your bin is collected, watering days for your property and whether you are located in a bush fire prone zone.

Buying or selling property? Explore land parcels, look up zoning information, review infrastructure and facilities or assess the topographic landscape.

Building, developing or providing services? Use the aerial photography to review infrastructure changes over time and help with planning.

Practical uses for the mapping portal are endless and all residents and business owners are encouraged to dive in and have a go!

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More detail

There are several mapping options available online including;

  • General land & property  (including aerial photography)
  • Property Zoning
  • Localities
  • Town Planning Schemes
  • Bin collection days
  • Dog exercise areas
  • Places of Interest

The Shire of Dardanup utilises IntraMaps as its online GIS Mapping Portal, which has an online help to guide you on effectively exploring the Shire of Dardanup interactive maps using the  IntraMaps tools.

IntraMaps tools allow users to explore location and attributes based information for any property or land parcel and other facilities within the Shire of Dardanup. Navigate to the information you need using built in search tools.

For example: Search by Address. Information is then presented on an informational panel displaying details such as zoning, bin collection days, residential details and more.

Location based Information for the Shire of Dardanup is presented as layers that you can switch on and off to display on the map. The layers are categorised under four main groupings (modules) allowing the users to toggle from one module to the other to view relevant  common theme information. The groupings currently available are:


Printing is available to scale in both aerial and mapping formats. For assistance on how to use tools available within IntraMaps use the help function (?) within the IntraMaps application. There is also an overview of the controls and options available in IntraMaps – refer to the top right hand  toolbars on the menu options ‘Tools & Tips’.

Useful links to other sites e.g Landgate Mapping Portal; Google maps; TPS; Public Toilet map are also available on the portal menu bars. Refer to the top right hand link arrow tool bars. (highlighting the arrow will show text of the link).

Feedback? User feedback is greatly appreciated and may determine the outlook of the Portal and any new data that becomes available.

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