Health Policies & Standards


Caravans as temporary accomodation

Provides the requirements to be able to temporarily live in a caravan whilst you are building your house on land outside of townsites.

Caravans as Temporary Accommodation

Septic systems - Henty Brook subdivision

Explains the requirements for alternative treatment units as traditional septic tank/leach drain systems may not be suitable.

Septic Systems – Henty Brook

Wineries & breweries

Provides details on the requirements for sanitary facilities, effluent management and drinking water supplies.

Wineries & Breweries

Local Laws

Health local law

The purpose of this local law is to provide current and effective local health laws in regard to the administration and control of health standards and conditions within the Shire.

Health Local Law

Dust local law

To make provisions about the regulation, control and management of dust and sand drift on building sites, extractive industries and subdivisions on land within the district so as to protect the amenity of the district.

Dust Control Local Law