Short stay RV parking

RV Parking

The Shire of Dardanup has allocated two sites within its boundaries where mobile home owners and caravan users can park free of charge.

One night

Dardanup Hall

Little Street, Dardanup (No permit required)

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) can camp within the designated bays of the RV Parking Area for a maximum of 24 hours within any six (6) consecutive days. A limit of 3 vehicles are permitted.


Recreational Vehicle (RV) means a road-registered purpose-built campervan, caravan, bus, coach or other type of vehicle primarily designed to provide occupancy to a person or persons. RVs must be fully self-contained (on board toilet, shower, washing and cooking facilities must be contained within the vehicle).

Other conditions:

  • Tents, annexes and temporary structures are not permitted
  • Recreational Vehicles are to be within the bays of the RV Parking Area
  • Awnings that are fixed to RV or caravan are permitted
  • Attachment of poles, ropes or other fixings to a tree or the ground are not permitted
  • Authorised Officers may inspect vehicles at any time
  • Camp or cooking fires prohibited at all times
  • Please use rubbish bins, or take your rubbish with you
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs
  • Use of generators is not permitted
  • Please be considerate of neighbours and ensure that noise from TV, radio and stereos is kept low after 10pm
  • Clotheslines external to an RV/caravan are not permitted
  • All grey and black-water must be discharged into vehicle holding tanks
  • Discharge of wastewater (including greywater) is not permitted
  • Sites are not to be reserved and cannot be pre-booked