Effluent Management

Properties not connected to a Water Corporation sewer will require an on-site effluent disposal system where there is a building containing a toilet, shower, bath, laundry or basins.

All onsite effluent disposal systems including Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs), grey-water systems, alternative toilets and conventional septic systems are governed by your Local Government.

Therefore, an application form must be lodged with the Shire if you would like to:

  1. Install a new:

    • Septic System
    • Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU)
    • Alternative Effluent Treatment System (Filtrex system, Ecomax system)
    • Grey-water system
    • Alternative Toilet System (Water-less)
  2. Obtain diagrams of the Septic System/s installed on your property
  3. Decommission a Septic System

    Please visit our Brochures Page where you will find all the relevant Application Forms, Guides, Approved System Lists and Service Providers.

    These waste systems may require servicing/emptying from time to time. This can only be undertaken by an authorised person/s.

    For more information, please contact the Shire of Dardanup’s Environmental Health Services.

    Phone: (08) 9724 0340 or Contact Us