Welcome to the Shire of Dardanup


Fast growing and forward thinking

In everything we do, we aim to set the standard, raise the bar and be the THINK Ahead Shire. Our people are forward-thinking and dynamic with an eye to a bright future and many exciting projects on the horizon.

Located in the south west of WA, 185km south of Perth and covering 518km2, our population of approximately 13,000 is growing fast, driven by an enviable regional lifestyle.

With a blend of rural and burgeoning urban areas, Council and its Executive Team are focused on encouraging balanced growth and development while recognising the diverse needs of each unique community within its boundaries.

The Shire of Dardanup’s community is vibrant, active and engaged. People who live here care about each other, their environment and their future.

Residents in the Shire of Dardanup are drawn outside by beautifully maintained parks, picnic facilities, reserves and public open spaces plus a variety of picturesque natural wonders, like the Ferguson River Valley and the nearby state forests and National Parks.

The seeds of the Shire were sown in its picturesque agricultural hinterland where traditional farming enterprises like beef and dairy production have been joined in more recent times by a now thriving tourism industry based on local drawcards like Gnomesville, a network of wineries, restaurants and boutique accommodation.

eaton fair

Think future

Eaton forms the largest part of the Shire’s rate base and commercial hub with a population of about 13,000. The Shire’s main administration building is located here.

Dardanup with a population of 370 and Burekup with 360 form the Shire’s two smaller townsites, with another estimated 1900 residents living in rural areas of the shire.

Active development – particularly construction of the expanded Eaton Fair Shopping Centre with its major supermarkets and retailers plus 75+ specialty shops – points to a bright future while natural assets and a commitment to lifestyle, create harmony.

This has attracted a diverse population made up of young people, couples, retirees, families and seniors.