Local Planning Schemes


The Shire of Dardanup Planning Services Division assesses Planning Applications and Proposals against a series of Planning Strategies and Guides which have been endorsed by Council. The below provides more information on each or you can skip to detailed instructions on making a Planning Application.

Town Planning Scheme No 3 (TPS3)

Town Planning Scheme No 3 is the key document used to guide land use and development in the Shire of Dardanup. It specifies how the land may be used (zones) and developed and outlines the processes to be followed before development can occur.

The Scheme currently provides for the following zones:

  • Residential, Development, Short-Stay Residential
  • Tourist, Small Holding, General Farming
  • Mixed Business, Business-Commercial, Mixed Use
  • Light Industry, General Industry, Noxious and Hazardous
  • School, Public Utilities, Recreation
  • Other Community, Special Use, Additional Use

Each zone is colour-coded and its location/s can be found on the Scheme Maps.

The Scheme Text provides a range of development standards depending on the type and location of the development or land use.

Our expert Planners, apply the Town Planning Scheme to applications and proposals in conjunction with Scheme Maps, State Planning Policies and the applicable Local Planning Policies and Strategies.

Local Planning Scheme No 9 (LPS9)

The Shire has drafted a new Local Planning Scheme (LPS9) to replace the current Local Planning Scheme No. 3. Public consultation on the draft scheme was undertaken from February - May 2023 and the Shire received 26 public submissions. As a result of the public consultation officers recommended a number of modifications to further refine the advertised draft scheme.

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 27 September 2023, Council considered the advertised LPS9 and all submissions received, and supported LPS9 subject to each of the modifications recommended by officers. These documents can be viewed below:

All required documents have now been submitted to the Western Australian Planning Commission for consideration, requesting that the Minister for Planning grant final approval of the LPS9. Shire officers continue to liaise closely with State Government staff to achieve this and will provide further updates on this website in due course.

While the Shire is only currently able to determine development applications with consideration of the current TPS3, implications under the proposed new LPS9 are given due consideration also.

Residential design codes

Residential development is also controlled by the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes). The R-Codes  provide requirements or guidelines on things like minimum lot sizes, setbacks, site coverage, open space and car parking – depending on the density code allocated to the lot (eg R20, R30 etc)

Main guiding documents

Town Planning Scheme No.3

Local Planning Policies

State Planning Policies

Greater Bunbury Region Scheme

Planning and Development Act 2005

Joint Town Planning Scheme Text

Joint Town Planning Scheme Map

Heritage Strategy 2013-2023


Planning Information Sheets Collection

Shire of Dardanup Local Laws

Bushfire Prone Areas


Liquor licence


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