Which fire zone are you?

Did you know our Shire is made up of two fire zones? Geographe and Brockman. 

Do you know which fire zone your property is located? 

Below is our interactive map that can show you whether your property is located in the Geographe or Brockman zones. All you have to do is type your address in the search function to find out.

These fire zones were announced by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and the Shire of Dardanup will continue to communicate with residents on any future Fire Danger Ratings set by BOM.

Our Fire Danger Ratings are updated daily on our website’s homepage. 

If you are a Shire of Dardanup resident and you would like to receive SMS notifications for fire warnings and important information, please email your details to records@dardanup.wa.gov.au or to our Ranger Services at rangers@dardanup.wa.gov.au

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