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Water, especially fresh water, was of vital importance to Aboriginal people right across Australia. The Collie River along the Eaton Foreshore was a source of both fresh and salt water as well as food (such as mullet, cobbler and gilgies) and the river linked campsites along walk tracks. Noongar people congregated near sources of fresh water, which was important for customary practices and had spiritual significance.

“Water is life” – James Khan

Ngarngungudditj Walgu: The Waugal Dreaming Story

“The Ngarngungudditj Walgu made the waterways as he travelled along, moved towards the coast and coming out where Eaton is today. As he came to the end he turned his body around, creating what is the estuary today… The old people used to say you can see his spirit in the water late at night during the full moon and his long silvery beard…” – Joe Northover

Ngarngungudditj Walgu (Bearded Serpent) Collie River Creation Story as told by Elder Joe Northover.

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