Welcome to Gnomesville

 10,000 Gnomes

Deep in the Ferguson Valley, hidden among stunning natural bushland is a truly captivating treasure trove to behold. Gathered in a junction, as far as the eye can see, is a community of an estimated 10,000 Gnomes!

It’s a remarkable spectacle that really has to be seen to be believed

Visit Gnomesville (just 30 minutes’ drive from nearby Bunbury and 1.5 hours south of Perth) to walk the stunning natural bush trails and boardwalks, have a picnic and spend time getting to know some of the local characters. “How did they get here?”, visitors will often ask. Well that is something of a local legend and the answer says much about why this quirky little attraction continues to enchant the young and young at heart year after year.

Gnomesville has evolved across over a decade in time completely by itself. No developers, no big sums of money, just a small collection of Gnomes originally placed by the local community at the nearby roundabout. From there, magic occurred. More Gnomes were added and often accompanied by hand-crafted signs featuring Gnomeish puns for a giggle – Gnome Alone, Gnome and Away and so many more. Soon, visitors to the many attractions of the Ferguson Valley would stop, curious to learn more.

More Gnomes were added until a new tradition was born with visitors unable to leave without adding their own personal Gnome to the village. Bring your own Gnome or purchase one from the nearby Ferguson Valley Visitor Centre. Then enjoy a magical experience wandering through the villages and glades full of playful, naughty and sentimental Gnomes climbing logs, resting by the creek, playing cricket, even flying planes!

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