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Datings from excavations at open artefact sites and rock shelters in the South West at Bunbury, Margaret River, Quindalup, Dunsborough and Albany, indicate the area has been occupied by Aboriginal people from 47,000 years ago at recent times.

Numerous artefact scatters in the coastal area of Bunbury confirm the area was used for long and short term camping, social gatherings and ceremonial purposes. Eaton was a favoured location because of the rich food resources offered by the estuary, river and inland and also as it was protected by the Quindalup Dunes west of Leschenault Estuary.

Silcrete, dolerite, quartz and granite were obtained via trade from the Darling Scarp and used to manufacture stone tools and implements such as flakes, scrapers, backed blades and grinding stones. Fossiliferous chert collected from offshore sources or traded from the south coast was also used to produce artefacts. These stone tools were used to form wooden implements, weapons and to process food.

Ngarngungudditj Walgu (Bearded Serpent) Leschenault Estuary Formation Story as told by Elder Joe Northover.

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