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Eaton forms the largest part of the Shire of Dardanup’s rate base and commercial hub with a population of about 10,000.

Eaton – Millbridge (with a population of about 10,000) houses the majority of the Shire’s population and includes the commercial hub within the Eaton Activity Centre.

The Shire’s main Administration building is located here at 1 Council Drive.

Active development – particularly construction of the expanded Eaton Fair Shopping Centre with its major supermarkets and retailers plus 75+ specialty shops – points to a bright future while natural assets and a commitment to lifestyle, create harmony. This has attracted a diverse population made up of young people, couples, retirees, families and seniors.

Eaton boasts beautifully maintained parks, picnic facilities, reserves, ovals and public open spaces plus a variety of picturesque natural wonders like the Collie River Valley, which draw people to the outdoors.

Committed to supporting and encouraging its residents of all ages – from children to seniors – to be more active, the Shire of Dardanup opened the Eaton Recreation Centre in 2003 which boasts modern gymnasium equipment plus indoor basketball/netball courts, crèche, meeting rooms and a cutting edge group fitness program for adults and kids alike.

Residential estates provide quality options for modern surburban living while facilities such as two primary schools, a high school, medical specialists, two over 55 aged care facilities and more ensure the diverse population’s needs are adequately met.



Until relocation of the Shire’s Administration Centre to Eaton in 1999, Dardanup formed the administrative centre. The Shire still has an office located at 3 Little Street in Dardanup.

Surrounded by a stunning hinterland of rolling green farm hills and vineyards, the town offers an attractive semi-rural lifestyle.

The Dardanup Townsite contains two primary schools – a public school and a private Catholic school, along with a corner store, hardware store, post office, bakery, tavern, church and recreation facilities.

The town enjoys a wonderful sense of heritage and history, deeply important to its community identity. As a result, many local family names have been connected to the area for generations. In more recent times, the quiet, semi-rural lifestyle within close proximity to larger urban areas and infrastructure has attracted many more families, who are supported by excellent schools and lovely local shops, community spaces and recreation facilities.

Although there has been only minor lot creation over recent years, current land releases in Roselands Estate allow for more than 300 lots.

Development of this land and other land surrounding the north, east and southern boundaries of the townsite will assist in revitalising the townsite’s existing community facilities and infrastructure.

A sub office presence is still maintained by the Shire in Dardanup which also contains public library facilities.


Burekup Entry Statement

Burekup was originally developed as a timber town in the early part of the 20th Century. More recently it attracts residents of all ages seeking a tree-change who commute to nearby employment centres but enjoy the village charm and country character of their town.

Burekup’s small townsite includes a busy store, town hall and a small school and is located adjacent to the Perth to Bunbury railway and South West Highway.

Burekup Primary School opened in 1999.