Collie River Heritage Trail Sign 6

sign 6


Ngoyoor or ‘The Elbow’ on the south bank of the Collie River near its entry to the Leschenault Inlet, was a traditional, historic and contemporary meeting place.

“Here was a place where Noongars could meet and feel comfortable” – Peter Michael.

Well known Elder Charles Hill, his wife Rachel Hill (nee Abraham) and their family adapted to traditional patterns of seasonal movement and used the Collie River as a food source stretching from the estuary up to Burekup and Roelands.

“This was a special place for our family and still is – the estuary where we camped under the stars and lived on seafood for many days and nights at a time” – Lera Hill/Bennell.

“The descendants of Charles and Rachel Hill continue to use the Collie River as a food source today” – Murray Collard.

Song to the Spirit by Elder Joe Northover

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