Health Forms

Health applications

You will need to submit an application to do any of the following:

  • Food Stall
  • Food Business or Food Vehicle
  • Trading in public places
  • Septic system installation
  • Home hairdresser
  • Install a park home, patio, carport, or shed in a caravan park.

For more information on these applications click here or contact our Health Officers on 9724 0000.


Complaint Form Form 95
Noise Complaint Form Form 94

Effluent management / septic systems

Septic System Application to Construct or Install
Septic System - Copy of Plans Form 89

Food premises / vehicle / stall / business

Food Premises Notification Form Form 90
Food Premises Registration (Very Low Risk)  Form 103
Food Premises Registration (Low Risk) Form 102
Food Premises Registration (Medium Risk)  Form 101
Food Premises Registration (High Risk) Form 88
Stallholders Permit Application Form 107
Application form – Trader’s Permit Form 150
Alcohol Consumption – Approval Form Form 50

Home hairdresser & beauty

Home Hairdressing Application Form 105
Home Beauty Therapy Application  Form 106


Noise Exemption Regulation 18 Application Form 93
Noise Complaint Form Form 94

Park home / patio / carport / shed in a caravan park

Park Home and 10A Buildings Application Form 91
Park Home / Caravan Park Licence Renewal