Pest Control

The Shire of Dardanup undertakes targeted pest control programs throughout the year for pest such as foxes, rabbits and mosquitoes. The Shire has also participated in control programs for European Wasps, European House Borer and other introduced species in cooperation with Biosecurity Officers from the Department of Agriculture and Food WA and adjoining Local Governments.

Pest Control 

Mosquito Management

The Shire conducts a comprehensive mosquito control program with the specific purpose of reducing the incidence of mosquito-borne diseases in the community – in particular: Ross River Virus, and Barmah Forest Virus.

The Shire is part of a co-operative with the Shire of Harvey and the City of Bunbury known as the “Leschenault CLAG” (Contiguous Local Authorities Group).

The CLAG pools it’s financial and material resources to ensure the greatest impact in reducing mosquito numbers. The CLAG also receives support from the Department of Health in the way of funding, provision of a helicopter for aerial bombardment of mosquito-breeding wetlands, research and technical support.

Environmental Health Officers conduct treatment of mosquito-breeding water-bodies on public land.  You may request treatment if you are experiencing higher than usual mosquito numbers.

Work by CLAG to reduce mosquito numbers is detailed on its Fight the Bite website.

For more information about mosquito treatment, or Ross River Virus, please refer to the following links and documents:

Mosquito control in the South West

Fight the Bite campaign Healthy WA Mosquito Information

Noxious weeds

Everyone has a role to play in minimising weeds.

You can help!

Get to know problem weeds

Take responsibility for weeds on your land

The Shire of Dardanup undertakes significant works to manage weeds on land under its control.

You can read more detail on our operations related to weed control here.

Targeted species include:

The Shire also provides advice to landowners wishing to address the issue of weeds that may be affecting a number of properties in a region.