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Crooked Brook Forest is an area of jarrah forest located in the Ferguson Valley – 25km from the centre of Bunbury and 7km from Dardanup off Crooked Brook Road.

Nurtured by a proud group of local volunteers, Crooked Brook Forest is promoted as a ‘Forest for all People’ with facilities provided to ensure it is accessible to all.

Take in magnificent views on foot, by wheelchair, car or bus.

Explore walk trails, enjoy a picnic by the billabong, see the wildflowers and try to spot some of the abundant but shy local wildlife.

To visit Crooked Brook Forest, follow the sign post one kilometre from Dardanup on the Dardanup/Boyanup Road.

More information is available via the Crooked Brook Forest website.



Ferguson Valley is a picturesque rural area situated between the South West country towns of Dardanup and Collie.

Beautiful rolling hills and green pastures combine with pristine bushland to create stunning natural landscapes.DSC_5492

Visitors to the region are also drawn in by a flourishing industry of gastronomic delights with wineries, a brewery, restaurants and cafes dotted along scenic country roads.

Art galleries and a range of other attractions add to the timeless appeal of Ferguson Valley. For more information about visiting the Ferguson Valley, visit the website.


A world-class collection of working agricultural and industrial machinery from our pioneering past.

Located at 416 Moore Road, Dardanup – about 15 minutes from Bunbury – Dardanup Heritage Park is the legacy of well-known local businessman, the late Gary Brookes who had a passion for collecting old machinery.

One of Australia’s finest collections of heritage items dedicated to our pioneering past, Dardanup Heritage Park includes steam/diesel sawmill, mill settlement, engines, tractors, dozers, horse-drawn equipment, military memorabilia and much more.

Enjoy tearooms, craft shop and facilities accessible for all.

More information is available via the Dardanup Heritage Park website.