Narrow Leaf Cotton Bush

narrow leaf


Cotton Bush contains cardiac glycoside which is toxic to humans and livestock.

Stock wouldn’t normally eat the plant because it’s extremely unpalatable but it can cause problems as a contaminant of hay or chaff.

The main symptom of Narrow-leaf Cotton Bush poisoning is severe gastroenteritis, which shows up as severe congestion of the alimentary canal.

Contact with the plant’s sap can cause a rash or other symptoms and medical attention is advised.


Small areas can be sprayed or physically removed by grubbing or pulling. Dry plants can be buried or burnt.

Avoid contact with toxic sap by wearing protective clothing like overalls and rubber gloves. Wash hands thoroughly before eating.

Large infestations of mature plants can be managed and controlled by slashing, burning and spraying.

Slashing and burning must be followed up with herbicide treatment to control re-growth and seedlings.

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