Council adopts 2024/25 Annual Budget

Published on Thursday, 4 July 2024 at 8:46:52 AM

The Shire of Dardanup adopted its 2024/25 Annual Budget at its Ordinary Council Meeting on 26 June 2024.

A budget that Shire President Tyrrell Gardiner said reflects responsible financial management and community benefits, including a $506,000 surplus.

Cr Gardiner said the budget features a 5.5% general rate revenue increase, equating to an average increase of $133 for residential properties.

He said the rate increase has been kept in line with Council’s Long Term Financial plan, with Council adopting a new Differential Rates Method from 1 July, a significant step towards a fairer and more equitable rates system.

“Our budget reflects a balanced approach to managing our financial responsibilities while investing in projects that improve the quality of life for our residents,” Cr Gardiner said.

“We are committed to providing essential services and maintaining our infrastructure in a way that supports the growth and sustainability of our community.

“The impact of the rate increase will be softened for many residents through a reduction in the average Eaton Landscaping Specified Area Rate, which will be phased out entirely over the next four years.

“Each year, the Council is required to raise sufficient rates to meet its total expenditure. This year's budget takes into account various factors such as the growth of the Shire, the need for additional facilities and services, and the rising cost of labour, utilities, and materials.

“The Council has been mindful of inflationary pressures and has only increased its fees and charges by CPI where required, or where cost increases or statutory changes have been clearly identified.”

The 2024/25 budget includes several key projects aimed at enhancing the Shire’s infrastructure and community services:

  • $3.59 million for the upgrade and renewal of roads, pathways, and drainage.
  • $1.25 million for capital building construction projects.
  • $839,821 for parks and reserves upgrades.
  • $461,559 for community grants, donations, and events.

Cr Gardiner said key projects for the 2024/25 Annual Budget include:

$1.25 million – on buildings including:

  • New Library, Administration and Community Centre;
  • Eaton Recreation Centre Upgrade Stage 2 works;
  • Dardanup Hall major maintenance works continuation from 2023/24.

$3.59 million – on roads, bridges, pathways drainage upgrades, renewals and maintenance including:

  • Golding Cres/Delmarco Dr intersection improvements;
  • Henty Road guidepost installation;
  • Busher/Moore Roads intersection upgrade;
  • Council Drive kerbing, parking and paving;
  • Eaton Drive intersections upgrades, traffic lights at Glenhuon Blvd and Hands Ave and Cudliss St Ave alterations;
  • Eaton Bowling Club and Senior Citizen’s Centre access improvements;
  • Bunbury Outer Ring Road – local roads improvements;
  • Various pathway renewals and improvements.

$839,821 – on parks and reserves including:

  • Eaton Foreshore bore and landscaping improvements;
  • Eaton Drive islands and verges upgrades;
  • Gascoyne Circle Play Area renewal;
  • Parkridge tree planting;
  • Various parks renewals;
  • Various planting renewals;
  • Burekup Cricket Oval drainage improvements;
  • Burekup Oval bollards;
  • Burekup Cricket new practice net;
  • Glen Huon Oval safety netting/seating.

$461,559 - Community grants, donations and events including:

  • Events and festivals including Spring Out and Summer in Your Park Series;
  • Tourism and Events Grants - Bull and Barrel Festival, Eaton Foreshore Festival, Australia Day Breakfast and Dardanup Arts Spectacular;
  • Economic Development Initiatives;
  • Bunbury Geographe Economic Alliance;
  • Bunbury Geographe Tourism Partnership;
  • Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre;
  • Ferguson Valley Marketing and Promotions Inc.
  • Minor Community Grants Scheme;
  • Minor/Community Events Assistance;
  • Personal Development Grant Scheme;
  • Place making activities and Engagement;
  • Public art projects;
  • Library programs;
  • Youth development programs;
  • Seniors Christmas dinner plus seniors’ workshops and activities.

“The Shire of Dardanup remains dedicated to responsible financial management and ensuring that ratepayers receive value for their contributions,” Cr Gardiner said.

“The Council will continue to work diligently to meet the needs of its growing community while managing resources effectively.”

To view the 2024/25 Shire of Dardanup Annual Budget, please visit the website at:

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The Shire of Dardanup adopted its 2024/25 Annual Budget at its Ordinary Meeting on 26 June 2024.

Caption: The Shire of Dardanup adopted its 2024/25 Budget at its Ordinary Council Meeting on
26 June 2024.

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