Annual Reflections: Shire President

Published on Wednesday, 4 January 2023 at 2:49:09 PM

The following message from Dardanup Shire President Mick Bennett is provided in the introductory pages of the 2021/22 Annual Report adopted by Council in December:

The 12-month period between 1 July, 2021 and 30 June, 2022 has been yet another era of unprecedented experiences.

On the much-talked- about health front, our community braced in February as our hard border was removed and the Covid-19 pandemic swept into our State at levels not previously seen throughout the global health crisis.

It came just as local businesses were recovering from the, at times, crippling impacts of extended lockdowns in 2020.

From a local government perspective, opportunities were created through significant amounts of economic stimulus funding being distributed by the State and Federal governments.

Access to generous grants enabled many of our future-planned infrastructure projects to be brought forward and delivered to our community far sooner than expected.

But with opportunity, also came pressure. Many more capital works projects to deliver within a tight timeframe to meet grant conditions amidst what became a hyper-stimulated economy, driving up labour costs, severely restricting contractor availability and creating extensive supply chain shortages.

It has been a testing period for Councillors and staff with tough decisions to make and heavy workloads to manage. As the saying goes: “Pressure makes diamonds”.

I think the results our community will experience from this financial year and the next will speak for themselves. From extensive upgrades and extensions to our network of paths and trails to the opening of our magnificent $3.6 million timber-constructed Eaton Bowling Club & Senior Citizen’s Centre, new Dardanup Central and Waterloo Volunteer Bushfire Brigade buildings and $1 million Eaton Skatepark – there has been a lot of ribbon cutting ceremonies in this reporting period.

All of our decision-making and investment has been guided by high levels of community consultation including results of our 2021 Community Satisfaction Survey, input from our Place-based and Topic-based Advisory Groups, targeted workshops, survey and cutting-edge online consultations making it more convenient than ever before for residents to let us know their priorities.

The result is a truly collaborative approach between Council and community on continuing to ensure high quality of life and wellbeing for people living and working in the Shire of Dardanup.

When we work together we are always going to be achieving better outcomes, so thank you for giving us a chance to work with you.

You can read the full Annual Report HERE.

If you would like to discuss the Annual Report in detail with Councillors or the Executive Team, please consider attending our upcoming Annual Elector’s Meeting.


The Shire of Dardanup’s Annual Report 2021/22 will be presented to an Annual Elector’s Meeting being held at the Shire’s Administration Centre – Eaton on Wednesday, 25 January at 6.00pm.

Members of the public are invited to attend and are asked to submit questions or motions relating to the report in writing prior to the meeting.

The Annual Report, as well as providing important data on Council’s financial position, is an insight into activity undertaken by the Shire of Dardanup on behalf of its community during the past financial year.

Hard copies of the Annual Report 2021/22 are available for viewing at the Administration Centre – Eaton, Eaton Community Library and Dardanup Library.

(Please note our offices and libraries are currently closed for the festive period and will re-open on Monday, 9 January, 2023.)

The meeting is also an opportunity for community members to put forward their ideas to elected members.

Questions or motions from the public should be provided, where possible, in writing and received at the Shire Office no later than 4pm, Friday, January 24, 2020.

Post: PO Box 7016, Eaton, WA, 6232.


Members of the community and not-for-profit community groups are invited to make budget funding submissions for consideration by Council in the Shire of Dardanup’s annual budget planning process.

Submissions are to be received no later than 4pm on 17 February 2023.

Any submissions received after 17 February 2023 may not be considered until the following year’s budget considerations.

Please forward written submissions to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Dardanup – Administration Centre Eaton, 1 Council Drive, Eaton  WA  6232; or the Dardanup Office, 3 Little Street, Dardanup. Submissions can also be made via email to

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