Working to keep new civic building within budget

Published on Tuesday, 21 June 2022 at 8:44:28 AM

The Shire of Dardanup received and considered the 80% design and costings for the new Library, Administration Centre and Community Building at its May 2022 Ordinary Council meeting.

Final costings for completion of the project by contractor Perkins Builders came in over the initial project budget of $14.5m due to a range of factors including disrupted timber supplies, and increased demand from an over-stimulated construction industry.

Council has established a new working group to explore options for keeping construction costs down taking into consideration the current economic and commercial pressures. Council resolved to allow one month for the newly appointed working group, with support from an external quantity surveyor, to negotiate with Perkins on exploring options for design adjustments that would reduce costs.

A report on outcomes achieved will be presented back to Council in July, 2022.

Design of the new building was unveiled last month and was created with the aim of providing the community with an engine room for collaboration, connection and innovation while showcasing the potential for leading sustainable timber construction.

The new building will include a library, Council Chambers, Administration Centre, Makerspace plus mixed-use community spaces.

The project is being funded via funds from Council reserves (previous land transactions and savings over time), from borrowings (new loan from State Government) and proceeds from the sale to Citygate of the existing Administration Centre site.

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