Shire's Restricted Burning Period extended

Published on Friday, 10 May 2024 at 1:31:31 PM

Due to unseasonal weather conditions, the Shire of Dardanup has extended its Restricted Burning Period until midnight until Friday, 24 May, in accordance with the Bush Fires Act.

The previous Ban on all Burning ends today, Friday, 10 May and is now downgraded to the Restricted Burning Period.

This means the following: 

You will NEED a fire permit to:

  • Light your bonfire
  • Burn garden waste
  • Burn pasture or,
  • Burn private bushland.

You DON’T need a fire permit to:

  • Use your outdoor barbeque stove
  • Use your Pizza oven
  • Use your fire pits.

But, please be mindful of what can catch fire around you by a stray ember. Ensure you clear the area of flammable material first.

Further rules may apply if you are camping in an area controlled by the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), such as not lighting a campfire before certain times and utilising designated fire pits.

The use of solid fuel cooking appliances (e.g.: pizza oven/outdoor barbeque, outdoor stove and fire pits) is prohibited in all areas within the Shire during the
Prohibited and Restricted Burning Period unless:

  • the fire rating is below high.
  • is fitted with an effective spark arrestor to pizza oven and outdoor stove.
  • an area of 2 metres surrounding the appliance is cleared from flammable materials.
  • running water is on site and is accessible.
  • a responsible able body adult is in attendance throughout and until the fire is completely

If you require a burn permit, please contact your local Fire Control Officer:

  • Burekup area: Clay Rose (Deputy CFCO North) on 0429 194 735.
  • Dardanup Central area: Brendan Putt on 0409 087 952.
  • Eaton Townsite: Chris Hynes (Chief FCO) on 0428 825 496.
  • Ferguson area: Lyndon Skeers on 0407 424 147.
  • Joshua Crooked Brook area: Jeffery Duncombe on 0447 467 949.
  • Upper Ferguson area: Grant Ratcliffe on 0429 692 013.
  • Waterloo area: Robert Drennan (Deputy CFCO South) on 0427 263 343.
  • Wellington Mills: Keith Higham on 0438 726 693.
  • West Dardanup area: Neil Dyer on 0418 588 159.

If you have any queries, please contact the Shire of Dardanup Ranger Services on (08) 9724 0307 (24 hours) or email

Stay informed and check the website for regular updates.

Media contact: Tahnia Creedon, Communications Officer | | 0436 942 509.

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