Road safety reminders for the festive season

Published on Wednesday, 21 December 2022 at 11:28:45 AM

Everyone has the opportunity to directly contribute to road safety and work towards achieving zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

You can show your support by sharing the above Road Ribbon on social media, as part of WALGA RoadWise's annual Road Ribbon for Road Safety campaign.

Here’s 4 ways to reach your holiday destination safely this Christmas and New Year.

  • Maintain your car in a safe condition.
  • Plan ahead by choosing the safest route available and including rest breaks every two hours.
  • Drive to the conditions of the road and obey the road rules.
  • Remember to slow down and enjoy the ride.

The Shire of Dardanup will continue its schedule of improvements to local roads and road safety in 2023.

Among those listed for attention is widening of Ferguson Road. This project has been allocated funding via the Black Spot program which directly targets roads with a proven crash history or location identified as high-risk.

You can make a conscious effort to be a safe road user by:

  • turning off your mobile phone before driving,
  • adapting your speed to the weather, light, traffic and road conditions,
  • ensuring you are restrained when travelling in a vehicle,
  • taking a break, having a rest or if possible, swapping drivers to prevent the onset of fatigue
  • arranging a skipper, organising public transport or staying overnight if planning to drink, and
  • accepting that ZERO is achievable.

    For more information about the WALGA RoadWise Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign, visit the RoadWise website.

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