Eaton sports club is open for bookings!

Published on Tuesday, 1 March 2022 at 3:10:00 PM

Eaton sports club is open for bookings!

eaton sports club

Community groups and members will have increased access to the Eaton Sports Club pavilion on Council Drive following a recent Council decision to alter its lease arrangement with the Eaton Boomer’s Football Club.

The change from a lease to a User Agreement with the football club moves responsibility for general management plus coordination of public bookings for the Council-owned building to the Shire of Dardanup.

Dardanup Shire President Mick Bennett said the new arrangement was based on other User Agreements already in place for some Council facilities including an agreement between Eaton Recreation Centre & 24-hour Gym and the South West Slammers.

Council agreed at its December meeting to employ a Building Property Manager Officer to manage the Eaton Sports Club and other Council leased buildings and facilities which would include marketing of their availability to the community for functions and activities and coordinating bookings.

“Council and the Club worked well together on tying up any loose ends related to the former lease arrangement before moving to this much more user-friendly agreement,” Cr Bennett said.

“It makes great sense for all involved as it takes away the additional responsibility on the football club of coordinating things like venue bookings so they can focus their energy on their own members and activities.”

Eaton Boomers Football Club President Dylan Panizza said club management and members were both supportive and appreciative of the changed arrangement.

“We are run by volunteers and a lot of the tasks involved in running a community organisation like ours are becoming harder and at a time when less and less people are willing to volunteer their time in the community,” Mr Panizza said.

“Through the support that has been provided by the Shire in taking away the need for us to be responsible for things like venue bookings we have been able to put all of our focus back on our core offering to the community which is to provide a welcoming and rewarding environment where people can get involved in sport while feeling connected and included.”

To enquire about booking one of Council’s facilities, please phone us on 9724 0000 or email

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