Differential Rates Information Session on 24 January

Published on Thursday, 18 January 2024 at 1:47:35 PM

The Shire of Dardanup is hosting a Differential Rates Information Session on Wednesday, 24 January at 6.30pm at the Council Chambers.

Find out more about Council's steps towards a fairer and more equitable rates system with the introduction of a new Differential Rates Method from 1 July 2024.

In December last year, Shire President Cr Tyrrell Gardiner said Council believes that this strategic shift in the rates system will contribute to a more just and balanced financial framework for the Shire.

“After careful consideration and extensive workshops dating back to 2019, Council endorsed the introduction of Differential Rates from 1 July 2024 at its September Ordinary Council Meeting,” Cr Gardiner said.

“Differential Rates provide the Shire with the flexibility to levy rates based on the purpose for which the land is zoned and/or its land use. This approach allows for a more even distribution of the rates burden, ensuring fairness and transparency in the rating process.

“We want the community to understand what this means, and we will host a community information session on Wednesday, 24 January 2024 at the Council Chambers from 6.30pm.”

Cr Gardiner said the introduction of Differential Rates allows the Council to address the averaging effect seen in the current rates system.

“For instance, when endorsing a 5% rate revenue increase, some properties may experience higher or lower increases due to the current method's averaging effect,” Cr Gardiner said.

“Differential Rates mitigate this effect by providing an opportunity to tailor rates to each Differential Category, resulting in a fairer, transparent, and more equitable rating process.”

Cr Gardiner said the Differential Rating Method will encompass six categories:

  1. Residential (including Residential Vacant)
  2. Commercial (including Commercial Vacant)
  3. Industrial (including Industrial Vacant)
  4. Rural residential (including Rural Residential Vacant)
  5. Accommodation
  6. UV Rural (including UV1, UV2, UV3, and Mining)

Each category will have a specific Rate in the Dollar, determined by the Council at Ordinary Council Meetings or Special Council Meetings through a Voting Requirement by Absolute Majority.

“There are many benefits to Council adopting a Differential Rates strategy that ensures properties are assessed based on their individual characteristics, promoting fairness and equity in the distribution of rates,” Cr Gardiner.

“With a clear formula for rate calculation, property owners can easily understand how their rates are determined, fostering transparency in the process.

“Council's ability to set different rates for various categories allows for a more tailored approach that takes into account the diverse land uses and zoning within the Shire.

“The adoption of the Differential Rates Method reflects the Shire of Dardanup's commitment to modernising its financial processes for the benefit of the community. We’ve seen other Shires in the South West of WA use Differential Rates effectively and we believe this is a good fit for our Shire too.

Cr Gardiner said with the new rating strategy coming into effect from 1 July 2024, Council is committed to providing information and support to property owners during this transition period.

The Differential Rates Information Session will be held at 6.30pm on Wednesday, 24 January 2024 at the Shire of Dardanup Council Chambers, 1 Council Drive Eaton. To RSVP for this information session, please email rates@dardanup.wa.gov.au or call Customer Service on (08) 9724 0000.

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