Council Plan 2022-2032: Have we got it right?

Published on Tuesday, 17 May 2022 at 3:53:00 PM

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You’ve spoken. And we’ve listened.

  • 8 Council Advisory Groups
  • 13 community consultations over the past 18 months
  • 2,564 Community Participants
  • 22,300 words captured as comments

Our Council Plan 2022-32 is the result of an extensive period of consultation with our community over the past 18 months. The below graphic illustrates how your input and feedback collected during our various consultations and Community Scorecard survey have influenced our planning.

View the Plan here


It sets out our 10-year vision, how we will achieve and resource our priorities and how we will measure and report our success.

We think it’s a much simpler and easier way of letting our community know what to expect from us and combines the legislative and reporting requirements of our Strategic Community Plan & Corporate Business Plan of the past.

But have we got it right? We’re looking for a final tick-off from our community to ensure the course we are charting is the direction toward 2050 you intended.

A period of public comment is now open and we would welcome your feedback. Printed copies of the Council Plan are also available for viewing at our Administration Centre, Eaton, Dardanup Office and Eaton Community Library.

Submissions are open until Monday, 6 June and can be:

Posted: PO BOX 7016, Eaton, WA, 6232

View the Plan here


The following information is provided to assist you with understanding in more detail what the process of creating our Council Plan has involved.


What is the Council Plan 2022-32?

Outlines vision, values, aspirations and priorities for the next 10 years, taking into account the Shire of Dardanup’s other plans, information and resourcing capabilities.

It combines our Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan of the past into one succinct document. It follows the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework guidelines and satisfies a legislative requirement for all local governments to have a plan to shape the future.

It is our blueprint for success and sets out objectives and priorities under five core performance areas of:

  • Community
  • Environment
  • Amenity
  • Prosperity
  • Leadership

While the Plan sets a 10-year direction, it will be fully reviewed again in consultation with the community in 2026.


Project Timeline

  • March, 2022: Analysis of data collected through community consultations over the past two years.
  • April, 2022: Drafting of Council Plan 2022-2032 according to identified community priorities
  • May, 2022: Community presented with Draft Council Plan for feedback
  • June, 2022: Draft Plan revised according to community feedback. Presented to Council for adoption.


Our Consultations 

Visit our Connect Dardanup Engagement Hub to see our recent consultations and receive updates on where some of the projects are at.

  • Place-based & Topic-based Advisory Group Meetings
  • 2050 Vision
  • Burekup Community Facilities Plan
  • Dardanup Community Facilities Plan
  • Ferguson Valley & Surrounds Community Facilities Plan
  • Eaton & Millbridge Community Facilities Plan
  • Place & Community Plan
  • Sport & Recreation Plan
  • Health Plan
  • Peninsula Lakes Master Plan
  • Watson Reserve Master Plan
  • Pratt Road Carpark
  • Lofthouse/Cadell Playgrounds Renewal
  • East Millbridge Playground


Your Priorities  (as identified by our 2021 Community Scorecard results)

  • Safety & Crime Prevention
  • Youth services & facilities
  • Playground, parks & reserves
  • Growth & development
  • Local roads
  • Seniors’ services & care
  • Conservation & Environment
  • Footpaths, trails & cycleways
  • Lighting of streets, public places
  • Sport & recreation


Previous SCP

You can view and download copies of our previous Strategic Community Plans on THIS PAGE of our website.

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