Spotted Pardalote Mural 

Artist: Brenton See
Year completed: 2019

The Spotted Pardalote is one of Australia’s smallest birds at eight to ten centimetres in length. The wings, tail and head of the male are black and covered with small, distinct white spots. As well as spots, the males sport white and yellow flashes of colour near their eyebrows, rump and a bright yellow throat/chest, so despite their small size are very pretty. Females have similar markings but slightly more dull in colour. These birds are strong fliers and are usually seen foraging high in eucalypt trees, where they find insects and larvae to eat. Pardalotes are associated with eating psyllids, which are small sugary cases made by tiny insects as protection. These birds can fly vast distances despite their tiny size including migrating across the Tasman Sea to Tasmania and back to the Mainland in large flocks. Their nests are constructed close to the ground, usually in a tree hollow or tunnel, or even excavated in an earthen bank near rivers. They usually live in large groups and both males and females help to incubate eggs and raise chicks, with even other members of the group helping to raise young.