Meet our Silent Super Heroes!

Published on Wednesday, 18 May 2022 at 4:05:00 PM


This week we celebrate National Volunteer Week. A time to recognise and thank all our volunteers for their ongoing efforts to keep the clubs and groups afloat!

2022 was a year of change for how we, the Shire, thank and acknowledge the volunteers. The Silent Super Hero initiative was born and our quiet achievers have been nominated by their peers.


Ashlea Bluett – Eaton Family Centre

Why was Ashlea nominated by her peers as a Silent Super Hero? Here’s 3 reasons why:

  • In 5 years, whilst at the Eaton Family Centre she has fulfilled roles such as vice chairperson, relief secretary, advertising/promotion coordinator and fundraising coordinator.
  • Tirelessly volunteers with events at the Eaton Family Centre and is also a member of the Eaton Foreshore Festival Committee.
  • Ashlea is a volunteer with St John Ambulance.


Janice Calcei – Dardanup Heritage Collective

Meet Janice Calcei – a Silent Super Hero from the Dardanup Heritage Collective.

Janice was nominated as a Silent Super Hero for her ongoing work and commitment towards the Dardanup Heritage Collective since the group first formed in 2020.

She works tirelessly, passionately and enthusiastically whilst bringing the information together for the Dardanup Heritage Trail project.

As described by a peer “Janice is a selfless volunteer in every sense, a much valued group member, a true Super Hero!”


Clare Clements – Bull & Barrel Festival Committee

This is Clare Clements and Clare is an important volunteer of the Bull & Barrel Festival Committee.

Clare is a super hero for her can-do attitude, for her extreme reliability, and for her knowledge and connectedness in her community.

Clare’s ongoing support and efforts have not gone unnoticed!


Brendan Billett – Eaton Junior Football Club

Everyone say hi to Brendan Billett!

Brendan is the current President of the Eaton Junior Football Club. Brendan was nominated as a Silent Super Hero for 3 amazing reasons:

  • His ongoing length of service to the Eaton Junior Football Club (10 years and still going strong).
  • Developing the pathway of female football and youth female football – ensuring there is a pathway for girls and women from Aukick through to senior levels of football!
  • The volunteering, advocacy and support he provides to the Eaton Junior Football Club.


Rosemary Pittard – CWA River Valley Belles

Rosemary Pittard belongs to the CWA River Valley Belles in Burekup. Rosemary was nominated as a Silent Super Hero by a peer of hers from the CWA River Valley Belles. Rosemary is a cherished member of the group and within her 2 years of belonging to the River Valley Belles, she has single handed raised $2,400!

She is 100% community minded and is continuously collecting items for local charities. Rosemary is a very deserving recipient of the Silent Super Hero awards.


Mike & Pat Forrest – Glen Huon Primary School Breakfast Club

Mike & Pat Forrest – these two are the face behind the Glen Huon Primary School Breakfast Club. They have been running the program since 2016, twice a week and serving from 60-80 students each time. Mike and Pat demonstrate compassion, kindness and respect to all the students and staff and have created a welcoming and safe space for children to attend the breakfast program before school.

True Silent Super Heroes!


Lynette Sleight

This is Lynette Sleight and she is the nominated Silent Super Hero who gives her time and energy to the Coastal Rowing WA group. Lynette created the safety and risk management system for the club which the British Rowing group evaluated as excellent – now that’s some great feedback! Lynette is always there to help the general public inquiring about coastal rowing or the surrounding area of the Eaton Foreshore that the club call home.

Lynette is a wealth of knowledge and the Coastal Rowing WA club are proud to nominate her for her passion, the unwavering support and her willingness to ensure there is inclusivity.

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