Waste & Recycling

* We’re moving to a 3-bin FOGO system in October. Got questions? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions

Bins & Collections



Crooked Brook (south of Boyanup-Picton & Garvey Road intersection)
Picton East
parts of Dardanup West

Tuesday Eaton/Millbridge Area 1

Ash Court, Austin Street, Belvedere Crescent, Casuarina Street, Cedar Crest

Charterhouse Street, Coral Place, Diadem Street (1-38 & even numbers 40-58), Eagle Crescent, Elaap Street, Enniss Street, Foster Street, Graham Street, Hale Street (3-88), Hamilton Road (numbers 4-64), Hurst Street, Jacaranda Close, Lucretia Street, Mahogany Place, Millard Street (even numbers 2-46), Oak Court, Palm Court, Peppermint Way, Pratt Road (numbers 1-55), Rosebud Crescent, Scott Street, Short Street, Taylor Street, Tuart Place, Tulip Grove, Waratah Terrace & Woodbine Ridge

Tuesday Eaton/Millbridge Area 2 Abe Court, Acer Glade, Ali Court, Aralia Place, Aster Court, Bosberry Close, Calico Court, Claret Grove, Cordata Place, Cottonwood Gardens, Coverley Court, Crampton Avenue, Diadem Street (odd numbers 39-47), Dixon Place, Eaton Drive (even numbers 30-54), Edwards Place, Firethorn Place, Fowler Court, Fuchsia Gardens, Galen Close, Gorst Court, Hale Street (odd numbers 89-103), Hamilton Road (odd numbers 65-127), Harlequin Gardens, Hibiscus Court, Hough Place, Indigo Loop, Ivy Court, James Court, Lavender Way, Lavinia Place, Lofthouse Avenue, Malabor Retreat, May Place, Millard Street (odd numbers 3-45 & numbers 47-154), Montgomery Drive, Mulberry Grove, Pecan Lane, Sanford Way, Snowberry Mews, Velvet Grove, Vernon Place, Waxflower Place, Whitewood Close, Yeoman Close.
Wednesday Eaton/Millbridge Area 1 Alice Court, Archer View, Avon Gardens, Ballarat Court, Berkley View, Cadell View, Carbine Loop, Chamberlin Grove, Charnley Vista, Coen Close, Curtin Mews, De Grey Lane, Deakin Elbow, Dunham Link, Evolution Loop, Flinders Street, Gascoyne Circle, Greenough Place, Holroyd Gardens, Hotham Way, Hunter Circle, Illawarra Drive, Isaac Court, Isdell Gardens, Jardine Way, King Edward Way, La Trobe Street, Margaret Circle, Millbridge Boulevard (numbers 1-18), Monash Boulevard, Murchison Parade, Murdoch Crescent, Ord Close, Resolve Crescent & Swan Avenue.
Wednesday Eaton/Millbridge Area 2 Ambercombie Way, Adeline Drive, Apsley Circle, Beaufort Loop, Braddon Way, Broughton Way, Calder Court, Castlereagh Vista, Chestnut Boulevard, Clarence Crescent, Cygnet Court, Denison Link, Dorset Way, Duncan Loop, Dutton Way, Eleanor Way, Finlay Avenue, Flowerdale Court, Glenelg Drive, Hatfield Way, Hazelgrove Crescent, Hunter Circle, Jindalee Way, Kalang Way, Kanalla Avenue, Lila Way, Linden Way, Millbridge Boulevard (numbers 36-83), Myanore Way, Nepean Turn, Oldfield Street, Pascoe Way, Primrose Vista, Reuben Way, Robusta Road (even numbers), Surrey Link, Torrens Loop & Wilmot Court.
Thursday Burekup
Dardanup East
Friday Eaton/Millbridge Area 1 Albatross Crescent, Ann Street, Blue Wren Drive, Bobin Street, Brangus Place, Bryant Street, Butcherbird Court, Camfield Street, Cassowary Bend, Charolais Mews, Cormo Court, Cormorant Entrance, Council Drive, Cowin Gardens, Cudliss Street, Culling Grove, Dare Cove, Dove Cove, Eaton Drive (70-86), Emu Cove, Fantail Loop Finch Way, Frost Way, Gromark Gate, Hamilton Road (even numbers 68-120), Hands Street, Jersey Place, Karabair Close, Kelderman Elbow, Leake Street, Leicester Ramble, Lennard Street, Mustang Loop, Penninsula Lakes, Pigeon Court, Pratt Road (numbers 59+), Recreation Drive, Shepherd Retreat, Solomon Street, Stanton Street, Wagtail Brace & Watson Street
Friday Eaton/Millbridge Area 2 Appaloosa Court, Arabian Gardens, Bradford Loop, Breton Way, Charbray Way, Cheviot Way, Cleveland Bay, Clydesdale Drive, Coopworth Link, Falabella Crescent, Friesian Way, Galloway Bend, Glenhuon Boulevard, Hereford Place, Holstein Drive, Limousin Turn, Lipizzaner Turn, Lusitano Avenue, Morgan Court, Palomino Close, Peninsula Lakes, Perendale Loop, Pinto Close, Polwarth Circuit, Robusta Road (odd numbers), Romney Way, Ryeland Avenue, Salers Close, Shetland Place, Simford Avenue, Sindhi Close & Wandoo Way.


If your bin was missed, phone our contractor Suez on 1800 260 033.

To order a new bin Contact Us

See the link below for the Rubbish & Recycling Collection Calendar.

> Waste Calendar & FOGO Information Pack

> Waste Calendar 2 bin system

Recycling Tips

There is a wealth of tips and information to help with improving your recycling habits on the Watch Your Waste website.

This A-Z Guide on sorting your waste correctly is particularly useful.

You can drop off bulbs, bottle tops and batteries to one of our 5 Community Recycling Stations.

A monthly e-waste collection service is also available in Eaton and Dardanup.

Soft Plastics can be dropped in Red Cycle bins found at most supermarkets.

Click here for more information about Rubbish Bin Collections.

Hard Waste

Date for the next Hard Waste Collection: August 9 to August 13, 2021

Public Notice – Hard Waste August 2021

Hard Waste Collection to see more information about items that are able to be collected.

 Green Waste

First 2021 collection will be held: April 27 to May 1, 2021.

Second 2021 collection: October 4 to October 8, 2021.

Green Waste Collection to see more information about items that are able to be collected.

Waste Transfer Station & Recycling Tip Shop

Location: Banksia Road (off Ferguson Road)

Open: 8.30am to 4.00pm

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Click here to see more information about the Waste Transfer Station & Recycling Tip Shop.