Working group proposes new skatepark location

A new Eaton Skatepark would be built at Glen Huon Reserve between the new playground and Football Pavilion if Council accepts the recommendation of a working group set up to investigate coordinated planning of new Eaton recreation facilities.

The working group, led by Councillor Carmel Boyce, has identified the reserve location as the most suitable location for the new skatepark due to the potential for creation of an activity zone encompassing the playground that caters for a range of ages in close proximity to the town centre.

If Council approves of the plan, Shire staff will begin a development application process which would also include a new car park to service the playground, the new skatepark and the oval.

A Public Comment period will form part of the Development Application process, enabling the community to have input on the plan.

Relocation of the skatepark has been proposed under a plan by Eaton Fair owner Citygate Properties to purchase land currently occupied by Council’s Administration Centre and the skatepark for commercial expansion.

Under the proposal, Citygate has offered allocation of 3000sq m to the Shire within the boundary of Eaton Fair for a new two or three-storey building to house a new co-located administration centre and community library. The offered land would be owned by the Shire.

The Shire had previously appointed an architect to independently investigate the cost efficiency of the plan and decided to pursue building on the new site as its preferred option.

Council’s working group is also investigating options for expanding the Eaton Recreation Centre with new indoor or outdoor courts plus additional parking.

Two years ago Council approved construction of two all-weather outdoor courts at the Recreation Centre with the $624,180 construction project to commence in 2019/20. This approval is now under review as other options are considered.

In addition, a business case would be developed for two new indoor courts.

Now with the skatepark proposal also under consideration, the Working Group was formed to investigate both recreation projects as a whole.

Stay tuned for further updates as this project progresses…