Where is our recycling going now?

News earlier this year that China was imposing significant restrictions and even bans on importing particular recycled waste materials from Australia due to the high levels of contamination has many householders wondering where their recycling is now going.

And even whether it is STILL worth using their yellow-topped recycling bin at all.

The short answer is YES PLEASE! Keep up with your recycling habits.

There are still companies willing to buy our recycled waste, according to the company which processes the recycling from our yellow-topped bins.

In the South West region our recycling is collected and stockpiled at a holding site in Picton.

From there it is transported via semi-trailers to the Suez Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Bibra Lake at a rate of about 1500 tonnes per month.

Approximately 100 of those tonnes come from the Shire of Dardanup.

Once sorted by hand and machine, Suez on-sells it like this:

According to Suez, the China bans have had a significant impact on commodity prices, but NOT their ability to sell the recycling recovered at their Bibra Lake MRF.

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