Where does our recycling go?

Do you ever wonder what happens to the recyclables thrown into your yellow-topped bin?

In the South West region our recycling is collected and stockpiled at a holding site in Picton.

From there it is transported via semi-trailers to the Suez Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Bibra Lake at a rate of about 1500 tonnes per month.

Approximately 100 of those tonnes come from the Shire of Dardanup.

At the MRF recyclables are sorted into various material types such as plastics, paper, aluminium cans etc.

This is done by both hand and by machine.

Recycled material types are then further graded. For example, PET plastics or mixed plastics; paper or cardboard.

Once the materials are sorted, they are bundled together for transport.

The recycling is then sold to various buyers and/or manufacturers.

Depending on the market, our recycled items are shipped to destinations such as India and Asia.

Some items, such as PET plastic remains within Australia.

Placing the wrong type of rubbish in your recycling bin creates contamination and makes our recyclables less suitable for future use.

Staff at the MRF Facility report that some of the most common contaminants in the yellow top recycling bins include clothing, nappies, plastic bags and food waste.

If you are unsure of what belongs in your recycling bin, you can refer to the A to Z Waste Guide contained on this page of our website.