Vision 2050: It’s time to make your mark on our future!

You have the power to shape the future of your community! It’s time to make your mark and contribute to our Vision 2050.

Using cutting-edge online decision-making platform Ethelo, the Shire of Dardanup is now asking residents to rate the list of ideas captured from the community during consultations so far.

Make your Mark

By visiting our Vision 2050 page on Ethelo, residents will be able to:

  • Click a button to indicate their level of support for elements on a sliding scale between totally oppose and totally support
  • Provide comment on the list of aspirations and projects provided and read comments from others
  • See the results of other votes over time
  • Read more about how the Vision 2050 consultation has been progressed up to this point

Complete as a ‘guest’ or register for more features.

Consultation on Vision 2050 is open until Friday, August 28.

Our Ethelo consultation is the culmination of:

  • A literature review undertaken by consultants involving about 40 planning documents;

Read Literature Review here

  • A series of workshops late in 2019 with community members and stakeholder groups to capture initial values, themes and ideals;
  • Community Summit in February, 2020 where big ideas were hatched and explored before being analysed and grouped by consultants into an Engagement Summary document.

Read Engagement Summary here
Read Summit Big Ideas here

Following this current consultation phase, results will be analysed and a draft Vision 2050 document will be developed according to feedback for consideration by Council.

The draft document will then be released to the community for a period of public comment prior to adoption by Council.

Celebrity Director of ground-breaking documentary ‘2040’ Damon Gameau chatted online recently with Shire of Dardanup Councillors, staff and interested community members about concepts raised so far during the Shire of Dardanup’s Vision 2050 consultation.

If you missed it, you can watch the session on the Shire of Dardanup youtube channel!

Damon’s feedback on our direction so far was positive and full of hope.

This is what he had to say:

“I want to congratulate you for embarking on this vision. And right now this is exactly what we need to be doing…,” Damon said.

“I love seeing in your document this idea of localisation. How do we secure more food, more energy from within our local region?

“I think every community now is thinking about this in a legitimate way. How do we produce more jobs and more manufacturing in our community instead of outsourcing to overseas and potentially vulnerable supply chains?

“That was really heartening to see.

“Your ideas around creating jobs. That’s really clear language that people need to hear right now.

“And I love the idea of opening this up to the community and getting their say and getting their feedback.”

Damon said research around the world showed people wanted more of a say in how their community is governed. They want to be re-empowered.

Follow the below link to have your say on our  Vision 2050.

Make Your Mark


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