Road Projects


Road upgrades and improvements totalling $6.27m in 2018/19 will be carried out on a number of rural and urban roads including:

PILE ROAD – February to April, 2019

Widen, reconstruct and seal

CROOKED BROOK ROAD – October to December, 2018

Widen, reconstruct and seal

NYLEETA CLOSE – April, 2019


MARTIN PELUSEY ROAD – February, 2019

Remove stock crossing, add turn pocket at depot

FERGUSON ROAD – January, 2019

Shoulder renewal improvements

SIMPSON ROAD – May, 2019

Gravel re-sheet

FINAL SEALS – December, 2018 to February, 2019
  • Banksia Road
  • Depiazzi Road
RE-SEAL – December, 2018 to February, 2019
  • Nyleeta Close
  • Hynes Road – South Western Highway end
  • Gardincourt Drive – Off Lennard Road
  • Greenwood Heights
  • Railway Road – Wireless Road to Waterloo Road
  • Slattery Way
  • Golding Crescent – Harris road to Warrego Road
  • Little Street – Ferguson Road to Hayward Street

Early in 2018, construction was completed on the road north of Jindalee Way, connecting Millbridge with the new Treendale Bridge.

Any dates specified are estimates only and are subject to confirmation and weather conditions.

Updated 26 July, 2018. For further information please Contact Us.