Road Projects


Rural and urban road and bridge projects totalling $6.4M identified for delivery in the 2021/22 Annual Budget are as follows:

Eaton Drive
(Millbridge Boulevard to Collie River)
Complete duplication and paths

Eaton Drive
(Glen Huon Boulevard)
Install new traffic control signals

Pratt Road
(opposite Eaton Bowling Club)
Construct new carpark and traffic calming

Harris Road
(Shire boundary to Martin Pelusey Road)
Widen, reconstruct and seal

Henty Road (two sections)
(Irrigation Drain north of Leonard Road to Pile Road)
Seal widened shoulders

Hynes Road
(Bend at Clifton Road)
Profile and asphalt seal curve

Pile Road
(Ferguson Road to Gardincourt Drive)
Reseal various sections

Pile Road
(Gardincourt Drive to Leonard Road)
Widen and seal

Ferguson Road
(Ratcliffe Road to Gnomesville)
Reduce roadside hazards and clearing

Venn Road
(Gravel section south of Boyanup Picton Road)
Construct sealed road

Venn Road
(Sealed section west of Boyanup Picton Road)
Widen, reconstruct and seal

Clarke Street, Burekup
(Castieau Street south past new development)
Repair pavement, install drainage and asphalt

Gardiner Street, Burekup
(Castieau intersection)
Install traffic management device

Collie River Road
(Water standpipe to Collie River)
Verge clearing and hazard reduction


Early in 2018, construction was completed on the road north of Jindalee Way, connecting Millbridge with the new Treendale Bridge.

Any dates specified are estimates only and are subject to confirmation and weather conditions.

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