The answers to YOUR questions about Glen Huon Oval

News last week that subsoil drainage would be installed at Glen Huon Oval to address flooding and water-logging during winter prompted a lot of questions from our community.

Mostly you wanted to know why the drainage issue wasn’t addressed during the recent redevelopment stage AND what was being done to improve facilities for other sporting groups within the Shire.

Shire of Dardanup CEO Mark Chester provides the following additional information:

Subsoil drainage was considered, however could not be installed during construction of the pavilions as part of the oval was covered with building activities while other areas were affected by utility works associated with the construction.

Once construction was complete, it was not a suitable time of year to install drainage so regular soil treatments were undertaken to assist permeability until the subsoil drainage could be installed.

Unfortunately, ground compacted by heavy machinery, plus constant and consistent rainfall in late winter resulted in soil treatments being ineffective in preventing water-logging at the oval.

Regarding sporting facilities at Wells Recreation Park, the existing changerooms were installed as an interim measure.

Council is in the process of reviewing community facilities (including sports facilities) in Dardanup.

A period of community consultation will occur as part of this review.

Anyone with further enquiries about these and other projects in the Shire of Dardanup are encouraged to phone Director of Engineering and Development Services Luke Botica or email