Teens invited on ocean adventure

Teenagers keen for an adventure during these summer school holidays should consider Leeuwin ocean adventures.

Spend a week living aboard the tall ship with up to 40 other young people from all over WA and have the adventure of a lifetime climbing the masts, sailing through the night, taking the helm, setting the sails and much more.

There are three voyages to choose from this holidays and if you are in year 10, 11 or 12 in 2015 you can earn 1 unit of WACE points before school even starts!

VOYAGE 1501    Departs Fremantle Jan 3    |   Arrives Busselton Jan 9
VOYAGE 1502    Departs Busselton Jan 13  |   Arrives Fremantle Jan 19
VOYAGE 1503    Departs Fremantle Jan 26 |   Arrives Fremantle Feb 1

There are scholarships available to help partially cover the voyage fare for those needing financial assistance so contact the Leeuwin by emailing ashleigh@sailleeuwin.com or visit the Leeuwin website today to book your adventure or find out more.