State Government told: “Stop the cash grab!”

A State Government decision to cut vehicle licence concessions for Local Governments has been labelled “cost-shifting” set to result in reduced services to communities or rate increases for residents in order to cover the additional expense.

The impact on each Local Government varies according to the number of heavy and light vehicles in its fleet.

The Shire of Dardanup has 63 vehicles (including 32 light, the rest made up of plant and machinery such as trailers, loaders, graders, tractors) and a cut to licence concessions will cost almost $20,000 every year.

This figure doesn’t include the additional stamp duty charges that will apply as vehicles are replaced.

The Shire of Dardanup has joined a campaign launched by the WA Local Government Association against the cuts, calling for the decision to be reversed.

Shire President Mick Bennett said this was another example of cost shifting from State to Local Government as an easy fix to the State’s dire financial situation rather than redressing overspend or achieving genuine savings.

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