Short boat ramp closure

The Eaton Foreshore Boat Ramp will be closed for renovations from Monday, July 27.

Universal Marina Systems will undertake the works which are expected to take approximately four weeks.

Planned upgrade works to the boat ramp include installation of scour protection at the toe of the ramp and improvement to the ramp surface.

This will encourage 2 wheel drive vehicles to utilise the facility and prevent all users from ‘dropping off’ the end of the ramp.

The finger jetty to the west of the boat ramp is to be extended by about 5m.  This will enable the jetty to be used at low tides and multiple users can access the jetty on fuller tides.

The platform to the east will be upgraded to a floating structure enabling various sized boats to utilise the platform on all tides.

The upgrade will include a universally accessible area on the platform, accessed via grade compliant pathways from the carpark.