Shire POWER Rangers to the rescue

Officially they’re Dardanup Shire Rangers, but around the office, we like to call them our Power Rangers.

Their role in the community is so diverse that no one work day is the same as another and SOMETIMES they find themselves in the most unlikely situations.

Quite often too, they’ll be in just the right place, at just the right time, to lend a helping hand.

Only last week – after receiving a call from a resident – they were head down, bottoms up rescuing a mumma duck’s team of eight little ducklings that had fallen into a drain, while she waited helplessly on the verge.

Rangers deal with domestic animals like cats and dogs so ducks would usually fall into the responsibility area of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (formerly Parks & Wildlife).

But it was just around the corner from our Administration Centre, Eaton so the Rangers attended in case they could help.

Within minutes, the heavy drain grate was lifted by Engineering staff and all eight ducklings were retrieved, returned to mum and guided back to a nearby reserve.

Drains can be tricky like that. One of our Rangers previously received written thanks from a resident who had dropped her keys down a drain.

She said our Ranger had gone beyond the call of duty to provide assistance in a distressing situation.