Shire of Dardanup urges residents to slow down and enjoy the ride

Did you spot one of the happy face/sad face courtesy speed display signs visiting Eaton last month, on loan to the Shire of Dardanup from RoadWise?

The signs were programmed to show a happy face if drivers where adhering to the speed limit and a sad face if they were travelling too fast and needed to slow down.

What you might not realise is information from the signs’ radars is stored as data so we can see how effective they were in improving road safety.

For our Dardanup RoadWise Committee the data provided some goods news!

The signs were in place for 17 days and during that time, information on the behaviour of 54,748 registered vehicles was recorded.

That’s almost 135 cars per hour!

In general drivers passing the signs at their various suburban locations – selected due to their known history for speeding – were travelling just below the designated 50kph speed limit.

Average speed entering the radar range was 49.3kph but dropped to 45.8kph when leaving the radar range – an average reduction of 3.5kph.

The Committee welcomed this news and was pleased to know increased police presence in the areas previously had lead to some safer driving habits.

In general the signs received positive community feedback and data collected showed a positive impact on driving behaviours.

Dardanup RoadWise Committee will continue to work on innovative strategies like this to improve road safety for all.