Shire fuels discussion on waste to energy

The Shire of Dardanup is leading a charge with the aim of encouraging 138 WA local governments to collectively lobby the State Government for clear action towards its expressed desire to reduce waste going to landfill.

In particular, the Shire is proposing industry incentives to drive development of localised options for reprocessing, recycling and waste to energy projects.

At its meeting on Wednesday, Council agreed to present an Agenda item to the August AGM of the WA Local Government Association seeking support on a plan to push the State Government for clarification around how it planned to meet targets set out in its Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030.

The Agenda item asks: “That WALGA …seek firm commitment from the State Government about how the waste avoidance, resource recovery and diversion from landfill targets will be achieved, including local options for reprocessing, recycling and waste to energy.”

The Agenda item further states: “These commitments should clearly indicate how the State Government will cease the proliferation of landfills in the non-metropolitan areas which are predominantly taking metropolitan waste or waste generated elsewhere in the State.”

Dardanup Shire President Mick Bennett explained to Council: “Not taking action and continuing with the status quo will mean waste is transported hundreds or even thousands of kilometres to be disposed of in the regions, rather than being dealt with at source.”

“By considering smaller scale local options it would provide opportunities for reduction at source and also assist communities in the regions to reduce their waste to landfill.”

Mr Bennett said Council had long been supportive of waste to energy as an alternative to landfill and he personally had previously held a front row seat on investigations into the viability of potential local projects.

“Waste to energy has the potential to divert substantial volumes of waste from landfill and produce a beneficial product,” Mr Bennett said.

“Our community’s response to Cleanaway’s now withdrawn applications associated with a proposed expansion of its operations at the Banksia Road Landfill site near Dardanup not only highlight the need for more action on the wider issue of waste to landfill but has also added a heightened sense of urgency to the topic for our Council.

“No decision can be made about Cleanaway’s plans until a further application is made, but in the meantime, Council is keen to see more direction from a State Government level on this topic and our approach to the WALGA AGM is an appropriate mechanism for achieving that.”

For more information about Cleanaway’s operations at the Banksia Road  Landfill Site and its future proposals, visit our dedicated FAQ page.