See how you dig up tree roots with fresh air!

A mature verge tree whose roots were invading utility pipes at an Eaton property was saved this week when the Shire of Dardanup called in a qualified arborist armed with an air spade!

Exactly as its name suggests, an air spade uses compressed air to break up and remove soil to expose tree roots where conventional digging could damage the tree AND utility lines.

And as an added bonus, it gets the job done more quickly and it’s easier on the back! They’re becoming a weapon of choice in the tree care industry.

You can watch a video demonstration of one in use here.

But an air spade is a specialist tool so we called in an expert.

Once the tree roots were exposed using the air spade, selective pruning ensured its continued health without compromising service pipes.

Residents are sometimes confused about who they should call when they experience a problem with their verge tree.

Some verge trees are even targeted by vandals (as we described in this previous post) because people are concerned potential damage from root systems or leaves dropping.

If you have a question about a tree on your verge, ALWAYS phone the Shire of Dardanup Parks & Environment Supervisor.

First he will help you establish whether a residential developer OR the Shire is responsible for the health of your verge tree.

Mature trees provide a myriad of health, social, economic and environmental benefits and are considered an asset to the community.

As our air spade story shows, the Shire of Dardanup is committed to preserving their health.

Did you know if your verge tree appears to be in declining health, you can phone the Shire and request application of some extra care like fertiliser or pesticide?

In addition, if you think your street tree needs a prune you are not allowed to do it yourself BUT you can call the Shire of Dardanup and request the Parks and Environment Team conducts some maintenance.

And finally, if you think your street tree isn’t appropriate because of its size or species, you can request an inspection and begin a conversation with the Shire regarding your concerns.

For more information about verge trees phone Parks & Environment Supervisor David Mort on 9724 0347 or email