Scholarship winners prepare for high sea adventure

A group of five local teens are about to embark on a life-altering adventure as trainee crew aboard sailing ship STS Leeuwin II.

Three young people from Eaton and two from Dardanup were successful with their applications for Shire of Dardanup Scholarships enabling them to participate in a Youth Explorer Voyage by the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation.

Awarded scholarships were:

  • Chloe Horton – Dardanup
  • Kynen Neill – Eaton
  • Jayden Meek – Dardanup
  • Jorja Asplin – Eaton
  • Grace Ieraci – Eaton

The group sets sail from Albany on January 17 and docking at Fremantle on January 24.

During their voyage, the teens will be involved in most aspects of ship operations and the experience is designed to help build life skills including self-confidence, teamwork, leadership and communication.

The Shire of Dardanup scholarships are provided annually and 2019 sponsors were:

  • Doral
  • Lions Club of Eaton
  • Lions Club of Dardanup.

For more information about the program, visit this page of our website.