Road to close under Eaton Fair expansion

Eaton Fair at night. Picture courtesy Paul Freeman.

Plans for the expansion of Eaton Fair by owners Citygate Properties took a positive step forward last week with the Shire of Dardanup Council agreeing to close a portion of Recreation Drive to traffic.

Closure of the 402sq m section of Recreation Drive between the old playground and Council’s Administration Centre Eaton will facilitate the future realignment of Council Drive proposed under the Eaton Fair Activity Centre Plan which was endorsed by Council and subsequently approved by the WA Planning Commission in October.

As well as the inclusion of more shops, restaurants, entertainment, business and office space and residential units, the activity centre plan enhances the shopping centre as Eaton’s central hub and creates more of a Town Centre atmosphere for residents and visitors.

Under Council’s November 1 resolution, Citygate Properties will be responsible for necessary approvals and relocation of services located within the road reserves.

*Added for further clarification:

The 402m² portion of road mentioned in our article as closing to traffic IS part of the Recreation Drive road reserve located at the junction with Council Drive. It’s closure however won’t affect services along Recreation Drive into the future.

A portion of Council Drive will also be closed however that needs to be addressed by a separate process as it is a ‘reserve for access’ rather than a dedicated road.

Hopefully this map will assist, however if you would still appreciate further clarification, please contact our Manager of Development Services Steve Potter on 9724 0000.