Reminder on fox trapping

Foxes are a declared pest in Western Australia but did you know there are still laws determining who, where and how trapping measures can be undertaken?

In addition, hefty fines can be imposed if the laws are breached under the Biosecurity Agricultural Management Act.

Here’s a short reminder about the appropriate course of action if foxes are causing a problem near you.

You can find out more about accepted best practice measures in WA here.

And be aware that before you undertake any leg hold trapping in a built up or special rural area you must apply for a permit from Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

And no matter where or what type of trap you are setting, animal welfare requirements need to be adhered to including; regular trap inspections humane destruction, and precautions to ensure non-pests are not impacted.

For more information on managing pests in your area, contact Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development on 9780 6100 or the Leschenault Biosecurity Group on 9791 4773.