Reducing the environmental impact of foxes

Monitoring and trapping of foxes in the Millar’s Creek area will be undertaken by a Shire contractor from Monday, May 27 following identification last year through night surveillance of an unusually high amount of activity.

Monitoring cameras will be positioned in the area first to confirm the level of activity and species in the area.

Trapping by our contractor – who is licensed according to the Wildlife Conservation Act (1950) – will then begin continue until June 3.

Signage will be in place to warn of traps which will be placed in areas identified as low risk to non-target species.

This second round of trapping is being provided to Council as a complimentary follow-up service by the contractor.

Pet owners are reminded that Millar’s Creek is a designated on-leash area for dogs and cats, as always, should be kept inside at night.

Nocturnal surveillance of bushland around Millar’s Creek was undertaken last year over an almost three-week period.

Seven night cameras were installed for use over 20 nights and in its report to Council on the surveillance, Animal Pest Management Services said the amount of fox activity recorded so close to residential areas was surprising.

The report said it was difficult to gauge the exact number of foxes in the area as it is almost impossible to identify whether foxes recorded by the cameras were different foxes or the same one.

However the level of activity recorded provides a guide and the amount recorded at Millar’s Creek was usually associated with a bigger area in a more rural setting.

The monitoring program was proposed by Council’s Responsible Pet Ownership Working Group to investigate the level of threat to native fauna in the area from stray cats.