Rangers equipped with new tech

From left: Business Solutions Developer Devon Chang, Coordinator Emergency & Ranger Services Erin Hutchins, Ranger Philippa Laskowski and Senior Ranger Murray Halden.

Shire of Dardanup Rangers have been equipped with new technology by our in-house Business Solutions Team designed to save them time on the go and improve the efficiency of their service to the community.

The Ranger’s new mobile technology has been integrated with the Shire’s internal business systems creating efficiencies in process and reducing the need for paper to improve environmental outcomes.

Shire CEO André Schönfeldt said as a THINK Ahead organisation, the Shire of Dardanup aimed to constantly raise the bar and set a high standard in the way it delivered services to the community.

“Our Rangers are the frontline in delivery of our community safety obligations to the community so anything we can do to better equip them in performing that role is a win for us as an organisation and a win for the community too.” Mr Schönfeldt said

In 2018, the Shire’s Business Solutions Team unveiled its Fusion computer program enabling staff to create and track work requests from the community more efficiently.

At the time, Manager of Information Services Peter Stampoultzis said Fusion enabled the Shire to ensure that as both the population and the organisation grew, systems were in place to manage the workload associated with that growth while maintaining the high level of customer service the community had come to expect from us.